Welcome to Black Mountain Forestry Center!

Come visit us this summer:

We are open Memorial Day - Labor Day on the weekends
12pm to 4pm

We are a non-profit organization which our mission is to Promote awareness and provide education for the general public about our forests, their history, ecology, and value as a renewable natural resource.

 We were recently featured on WhatcomTalk. Click here to read the article.

 Some Exhibits to see:

  • Visit to an active logging site and 5 other locations

 -(RSVP for these tours are on a per need basis)
  • The Hank Reasoner Arboretum
  • Artifactsfrom the old Chinn Camp on Slide Mtn
  • Logging Railroad Track Layout
  • The Saw Mill
  • John McMekin Historical Logging Display
  • Farm Forestry Sawmill Display building
  • Tower, loader and Yarder (The Timber Harvest Display)
  • Seven Forestry Display Buildings
  • Tours