Our organization was established back in 1999, by Wayne Beech. Quickly became of interest by other local Foresters, Phil Cloward, Joe Heller, Tom Hansen and many more members of the local community.

The organizations goals are to:

  • Maintain, enhance and operate a forestry museum and Forest Practices Interpretive site in parnership with Whatcom County Parks. 

  • Maintain the Gerdrum Museum, which was built by one cedar tree back in 1893.

  • Expand ongoing natural resource educational programs for educatiors, the general public and school students - elementray through university and professional levels.

  • Create an interpretive center with artifacts of the logging industry.


Black Mountain Forestry Center strives to imporve people's relationship with the balance of publics interesets of the enhancement and management of natural resources through a unique combination of eduation, conservation, recration and support for local wood-related industrail and cottage industries. BMRC promotes sustainable forest proactices, public relations, tourism, and local economiv growth in a formerly timber based community. It establishes and supports environmentally sensitive forestry education in teh local school systems, and serves a s a resource base of forestry infomration for the general public.



This Spring we assited at the Farm Foresters Tree Sale and participated in the 6th Grade Tour.  We also have made several presentations with local groups.


If you would like a tour, please contact Phil at info@blackmountainforestry.com