Education - Elementary

The education aspect of BMFC involves establishing programs at the local schools and for developing field trips that coincide with this classroom training.  The following programs, though geared to a targeted age group, are applicable to all age levels and interests. Give us a call if you are interested in developing a program for your group.

"A walk in the woods" program for preschool, elementary and home school students. This is a nature walk geared for children and designated to expose them to plants, trees and creatures that live in teh forests developing an awareness of the forest's importance.

"What's in the woods?" Is a historical "Lantern Slide Show" program geared to 3rd and 4th graders. The glass slides are property of Galen Biery estate and present the history of logging in a real and interesting way and provides insight to our community foundation.

Conservation Tours:  This program is conducted for 4 days during the spring and provides outdoor education to nearly all count 6th graders in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources. The Farm Forestry Association, Private Industry and Washington Sate University Cooperative Extension. Our contribution is to man a booth and give lectures to over 1000 students, teachers and parents about the by-products of wood; including things like gum, ice cream, clothing,etc. Volunteers designed, erected and tended a comprehensive display of forest products, many of which were unique, value added examples.

Special Programs such as Disadvantaged Students, volunteer Ron Dinus, conducted hands-on-paper making exercises for approximately 120 student and teachers, in cooperation of Whatcom County Parks.  We can design a special class that will fit your needs.


Education - Secondary

High school or secondary, education is also a great importance to the mission of BMFC. Volunteer Ron Dinus, have developed relationships and programming that works in tandem with the curriculum offered in the area high schools. Below is a summary of some of the outreach programs:

Senior High School Advanced Natural resources Class at Mt. Baker High School. This program teaches genetics, grafting and cloning for the improvement of seedlings inf forest management. This also includes field trips to seedling nurseries, and the forest developing awareness about reforestation. Presented lectures on basic genetics and implications for forest and fisheries management recruited other guest lecturers from several university, corporate and governmental organizations, organized / coordinated hands-on exercises concerning cloning of native trees and shrubs, assisted with class field trips and judged FFA student/teams. We are proud to play a large role in the development of young minds.


Education - Higher Ed

In June 2004, BMFC volunteers worked in conjunction with Todd Rightmire of MBHS to organize, conduct and direct a forestry workshop for AgriScience Teachers form across Washington State. BMFC co-hosted the event, coordinated through Ron Dinus. Twenty six teachers participated in teh 1-1/2 day event that included explanations of forest management practices on Black Mountain, forest measurement methods on Mount Baker High School Forest, the past, present and future ecological status of a Research Natural Area and mechanized logging reforestation methods on a local timber sale, hosted by Tom Hanson.


Community Outreach

Deming Log Show - We have a tradeshow display of our center, detailing the mission, goals and work behind BMFC. During the show, Whatcom Women in Timber and BMFC co-host a timber tour.

Northwest Washington Fair Grounds - during the fair our exhibit  details our mission and education

University of Washington Arbor day Fair held in Seattle