Key Partners:

There have been numerous and substantial contributors and partners prior to and since the opening of BMFC. Following are some of the partners playing or have played key roles in the development of the center.

Whatcom County Parks and Recreation
The Department has provided the physical location of the BMFC activities and interpretive center, which includes an interpretive and historical presentation. The facility consists of the Gerdrum House, and surrounding open acreage, which accommodates both an indoor and out door museum. The outdoor displays consist of artifacts spanning generations allowing visitors to observe the various equipment and techniques of harvesting and processing timber over the past 100 years.

Mount Baker School District
Partners for educational opportunities both in the high school classroom and with educator/teacher training. Regional FFA workshops, labs and competitions are also held in conjunction with BMFC and its volunteers. Representing the School District, the Superintendent holds a seat on the Board of BMFC.

Foothills Chamber of Commerce
Nooksack Tribe
Daughters of Norway
Deming Log Show
WSU Cooperative Extension
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Whatcom Farm Forestry Association
Hampton Timber Company
Olympic Holdings
US Forest Service
Society of American Foresters
Farm Friends
US Park Service
Sustainable Forestry Association
The World Forestry Center
WA Forest Protection Association


This list is not inclusive, and if your name is missing, please let us know!

(Late) Wayne & Danna Beech
Phil & Joanne Cloward
Joe Heller
Mike & Suzie Impero, Impero Construction
Tom Hanson, International Forestry Consultants, Inc.
Ron Dinus, retired Professor
(Late) Bob Weisen
(Late) Hank Reasoner
Jim & Dawn Buckenmeyer
Laura & Tim Jacoby
Larry & Becky Raney, Print & Copy Factory
Yvonne & Gene Goldsmith